VIP & Corporate Hospitality Events

Long ago in the ancient world, sporting events were used by the Romans and Greeks for building relationships and cultivating contacts. In more recent times, companies have rediscovered this form of relationship management and have for many years used sports events with a strategic focus on managing stakeholder groups. For sporting events organisers, corporate hospitality has become an important element of financing and for companies, a major tool for communications.

Large companies are still convinced that corporate hospitality has an extremely important role to play in achieving their marketing goals. This is confirmed by the fact that companies take pains to entertain their customers, employees, etc. – for example, by inviting them to large events – in order to develop or maintain a good relationship with them.



In the events industry, you need dedicated experts who have the skills and confidence to shape your VIP and corporate hospitality events successfully.
Scenotech specialises in providing a wide range of corporate hospitality packages for large sports events around the world.

Is a central contact partner your absolute top priority? Nothing could be simpler. Scenotech understands the division of roles in planning and execution, and implements these exclusively in your interest. Dedicated working groups ensure that you have a highly qualified contact partner and moreover that you benefit enormously from the individual strengths of the companies involved, both financially and in terms of technical expertise.

You will be expertly supported in:

  • Leaving a positive and lasting first impression on potential customers 

  • Building relationships with your customers 

  • Strengthening existing relationships and establishing loyalty 

  • Making your company stand out from the competition 

  • Creating business opportunities 

  • Increasing customer satisfaction 

  • Entertaining key personnel 

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