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Tender Management

Tender management is becoming increasingly important compared to previous years. In the 90s, organisational customers still sought close relationships with their suppliers in order to reap the long-term benefits of intensive cooperation; these days, however, the emphasis for procurement from the customer’s perspective is on optimising individual transactions.

In calls for tender, you set the rules as the customer. On the basis of the performance specifications, providers can submit a proposal that meets your requirements and needs within a specified time period. To ensure that these requirements and needs are met in a resource-saving manner, professional tender management is important.



A process for handling tenders as a strategic issue and a dedicated bidding team with clearly defined roles are missing entirely in most cases, because too little attention is paid to the purchasing and supply chain management. This frequently results in low success rates and misplaced investment of resources in unsystematic participation in sometimes futile tenders.

Scenotech is at your side with absolutely expert purchasing management, as our experts specialise in all technical aspects of the project. Tenders are therefore crystal clear in their formulation and specifications. This tender management maximises your success rate and saves you valuable time and money in the implementation phase. As event architects, we naturally pay attention to execution according to plan beyond the tender.

  • Meticulous tender preparation
  • Detailed specifications
  • Informed decisions
  • Execution according to plan
  • Thorough follow-up

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Referenzprojekt Reference project

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