Technical infrastructure

The requirements for the design, planning and installation of technical infrastructure for sports events are extremely extensive and diverse. Bringing together numerous components means that faultless implementation is critical.

As technical infrastructure often also involves dealing with extensive constructions, achieving the seamless integration of existing infrastructure and meeting the requirements of the various stakeholders is often very complex. As a result, experienced engineers are required for the planning and implementation of projects of this kind.

For the majority of sporting events, a technical extension of existing infrastructure is needed to fulfil the individual requirements of the occasion. Flawless functionality of the complementary infrastructure is therefore critical.

The aim is to create the perfect conditions for visitors and all stakeholders to share their wonderful experiences and images with the world.



The experienced engineers at Scenotech understand the interconnections and importance of technical functionality for events. This guarantees that visitors, participants and above all broadcasters and media professionals find the perfect infrastructure for presenting your event in the best light.

The main areas are as follows:

  • Temporary power supply 

  • Sophisticated lighting and sound installation 

  • Extensive special structures 

  • Functional press boxes 

  • Well-designed mixed zones 

  • Extensive TV compounds 

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