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Strategic project planning

In strategic project planning we address the central questions of your event: What makes your  project successful? What goals are you pursuing with your plans and how do you implement them? How do you deal with technically complex projects and how satisfied have you been with the project planning and implementation up to now? These questions and many others form part of our event consulting.

Depending on the particular project type, up to 40 % of your budget can go on technical services. That means an enormous part of your budget is linked to a highly specialised area of responsibility. This shows how important it is to have an appropriate strategic project planning. Surveys have shown, however, that many customers don’t get around to dealing with the technical questions surrounding their plans until long after the initiation phase. Furthermore, event agencies without specialist expertise often end up being tasked with the technical design, resulting in massive unplanned additional costs in project planning and implementation.

Especially at the beginning of the planning phase is when you need concentrated expertise and far-sighted specialists, who can give your project maximum planning security, no matter how unusual. With Scenotech, you have a partner at your side who is specialised in all technical fields and is unerringly driving forward the strategic project planning and thus the entire event – right from the initiation phase of your project.



Maximise planning security and strengthen your responsibility towards your stakeholders with a strategy in project management. As your event architect, Scenotech takes care of your investments and guides you and your projects on the road to success already during the initiation phase. We achieve this working together with you, using structured, proven processes.

  • Detailed environment analysis
  • Defining and developing your project goals together with you
  • Meticulous feasibility studies
  • Differentiated interest analysis of stakeholders
  • Reliable risk management
  • Individually drawn up recommendations

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Referenzprojekt Reference project

Referenzprojekt Reference project

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