Conventions & conferences

Running international conventions and conferences that repeat annually in ever-changing locations represents a major challenge for any organisation. For you as the organiser, but also for your participants, it means always having to find your way around new places with different circumstances. This requires a large degree of adaptability.

Different event locations also always mean substantial additional effort for you. You have to find and select new service providers and suppliers within a limited timeframe. This means having to build up a strong relationship of trust in the minimum amount of time, before ultimately awarding the contract. You are then generally only at this location for a single event, meaning it is often only possible to secure unfavourable deals, with your counterpart unwilling to cooperate, particularly on financial matters.

Furthermore, the appearance and the content of your conference are of course entirely individual. You may have already experienced occasions when your needs and ideas were not fully understood and implemented as a result. It is our self-declared goal not to leave you with an unsatisfying compromise solution, but to get the very best out of your event in line with your vision.



The majority of our customers find it extremely important to have a partner at their side who knows how to implement their individual interests and requirements perfectly, even in unfamiliar locations.

This is driven by the need to ensure smooth communication with their target audience, whether in an academic, corporate or technical field. And that is best achieved – wherever possible – in a familiar framework and environment, despite an unfamiliar event venue.

With Scenotech on board as a strong, specialised technology partner, you receive long-term support from a team of experts and benefit from many advantages, including:

  • Speedy budgeting and implementation in line with market conditions as a result of local sourcing and intercultural expertise 

  • An enormous network of service providers around the world and proven international project experience (successful commissioning by over 400 companies in more than 20 countries globally) 

  • Fulfilment of highly complex, technical requirements – a major success factor in the area of conventions and conferences especially 

  • Up to 30% savings thanks to highly specialised planning and implementation processes 

  • Lean corporate structure, quick decisions and short communication paths 

  • Proactive risk management for greater security and implementation guarantee 

  • One central contact partner and billing point instead of individual services from dozens of providers 

  • Constant availability of your personal contact partner, who is familiar with you and your company and ready to help at any time. 

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