Feasibility Study

Very often, the technical feasibility of a project is not considered during the initiation phase. There is frequently an assumption that somehow or other the project will run as planned.

Technology is a very wide field, shaped by constant innovation and advances, which is why specialists are needed who are always up to date with all the latest developments and are able to implement them.

Planning mistakes and technical obstacles that have been overlooked put the project’s success at risk, which can in turn lead to the project not achieving its goals in the way that was sold to stakeholders at the start. Additional costs and substantial additional effort are not uncommon as a result.



The aim of a feasibility study is to provide a basis for decision-making regarding a project’s viability and to warn specifically against projects whose failure is foreseeable from the outset. Risks and opportunities can thus be identified in detail in the initiation phase, guaranteeing you maximum planning security. We achieve this working together with you, using structured, proven processes. You receive a detailed report, giving you the perfect basis for decision-making on the following points:

  • Organisational implementation 

  • Financial feasibility 

  • Technical feasibility 

  • Resources and availability 

  • Schedule for implementation 

  • Legal implementation 

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Referenzprojekt Reference project

Referenzprojekt Reference project

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