Board Meetings

When it comes to planning these often very formal and vitally important meetings of the highest levels of management in an organisation, the focus is often not primarily on technical feasibility and implementation. Perhaps your board meetings generally take place in hotels, where you’ll find a ready-made infrastructure, well-suited to your purposes, at least with regard to accommodation, transfers and general care of guests. In that case you will no doubt also have noticed that you are offered the same, standardised technical solutions time after time.

Many hotels rely on the international conference business, and therefore keep a basic stock of technical equipment designed for universal application. According to their own surveys and experiences, however, the technical infrastructure available is often outdated and even unsuitable, as the technical resources are too universal, making them difficult to adapt to individual requirements.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon for additional equipment to be needed, which can then be difficult to integrate into the existing infrastructure, forcing you to accept undesirable compromise solutions again and again.

By slightly adapting your approach, however, you can achieve immediate and substantial added value for your board and your guests without any additional effort or cost. After all, there are always landmark decisions of a legal and fundamental nature at stake at these important meetings.

The gatherings are held at specified intervals in different locations around the world. It is vital that content and proposals are communicated and explained clearly and reliably to allow decisions to be made.



The majority of our customers find it extremely important to have a partner at their side who knows how to implement their individual interests and requirements perfectly, even in unfamiliar locations. This is driven by the need to ensure communication with their target audience, whether in an academic, corporate or technical field. And that is best achieved – wherever possible – in a familiar framework and environment, despite an unfamiliar event venue.

With Scenotech on board as a strong, specialised technology partner, you receive long-term support from a team of experts and benefit from many advantages, including:

  • Having your personal contact partner constantly at your side, who is familiar with you and your company and ready to help at any time 

  • Enjoying personalised support as, thanks to its lean corporate structures, Scenotech is able to engage much more intensively with you and your individual requirements 

  • One central contact partner and billing point instead of individual services from dozens of providers 

  • Proactive risk management for greater security and implementation guarantee 

  • An enormous network of service providers around the world and proven international project experience (successful commissioning by over 400 companies in more than 20 countries globally) 

  • Fulfilment of highly complex, technical requirements – a major success factor in the area of board meetings especially 

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Referenzprojekt Reference project

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