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The trade fair presence of companies continues to be enormous despite today’s seemingly endless digital possibilities and various online retail opportunities. Especially after the Corona pandemic, the continuing significance of personal interaction should therefore by no means be disregarded. There are good reasons why, for example, almost every major city features exhibition centres and trade fair halls, and why sporting events also place high value on the presence of suitable sponsorship. Even at a time when we are benefiting from digital transformation, trade fairs presences and event sponsoring in dedicated spaces continue to rise in importance. They are powerful tools, which raise the experience of ‘business’ to a new level.

In other words, your trade fair stand or sponsorship area is far more than just a place to present your company and greet potential customers. Instead, it is an important communication and interaction channel between customer and brand. The platform created provides the interactive space in which your existing and future customers can get to know your company, your business model, your products and employees at first hand.



Your trade fair presence and the associated sponsorship opportunities precisely define what your company stands for. Countless visitors have the opportunity to form an impression of you, how your business operates and what your USPs are. Among other advantages, this helps you to generate new leads that you might otherwise have been unable to access.

As an experienced event architect, Scenotech provides you with essential support in the systematic development, planning and implementation of the required technological measures and resources. With our proven processes and many years of experience in the field of event design, this will enable you to get the most out of your marketing mix. Just like a successful exhibition space design, the use of technology must be appropriate and fully functional in order to produce an interactive event with a focus on the visitor experience.

So ensure your own security with Scenotech at your side and gain the long-term support of a strong, highly specialised technology partner. With us, you are completely covered and you also benefit from many years of international experience and a totally customised service thanks to the support of a dedicated team of specialists.

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