Our service

Focussed on all technical areas of your event, you will be assisted by a team of specialists with just one goal in mind: your success at all project levels!

Your projects are implemented in a target-oriented manner based on our system centred around three main pillars: analyse, optimise and realize.

A high degree of trust and loyalty is a prerequisite for long-term and successful cooperation. At Scenotech, these are two fundamentally important key terms which are valued just as highly as the core business. Your company, your projects and above all you should make progress. We are proud to accompany you on this path.

No matter what stage you are currently at in a project, the portfolio of services will provide you with very considerable support with achieving your objectives:

Our portfolio of services

3D dimensions

  • 3D scanning for independent as-built drawings that are exact to the millimetre
  • 3D CAD drawings; the perfect basis for planning for all project stakeholders.
  • Implementation of all interior improvements
  • Facade drawings
  • Digital environment & terrain models

Design & planning

  • Strategic project consulting
  • Project development
  • Technical engineering
  • Tender management

Stakeholder integration

  • Coordinated and combined bases for planning for all project stakeholders.
  • Virtual planning tools for perfect interface management.
  • Seamless integration of the venue.
  • Complete integration of all suppliers.

Production training

  • Virtual rehearsals
  • Speaker training
  • Virtual keynote
  • Virtual rundowns
  • Emergency scenario simulation
  • Supplier set-up guidance & training
  • Stakeholder set-up guidance & training


  • Project management
  • Project steering
  • Technical equipment
  • Designs, permanent structures and interior furnishings.

Documentation, completion and archiving

  • Meticulous recording of building progress, an essential prerequisite for long-term projects in particular.
  • Target/current stocktaking.
  • Architectural survey of installations after the completion of the construction phase.
  • Reviewed drawings with real values for your records


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