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At Scenotech, we are convinced that success stories are only created when everyone involved in a project can contribute their individual strengths in the best possible way. Therefore, it is essential to have the right partners at your side right from the start. With us, you get your very own team of specialists on board and thus free your marketing measures and project successes from chance in no time at all.


Scenotech is an agile, technical full service partner for national and international companies in the live marketing and corporate event sector. Scenotech advises and accompanies you as an end customer from staging, strategy and project development to the successful realization and implementation of technical installations worldwide.


As a top trained Swiss engineering company, the focus is clearly on technical installations, with a simultaneous all-round view and readiness for integration of all important interfaces. Lean corporate structures and intercultural competence ensure fast decision-making and short communication channels, and at the same time the solution.


With us, you benefit from over 12 years of proven experience in the international project business. Your project will always be managed individually, transnationally and with a high degree of specialization. Thanks to risk control through stability and highly professionalized processes, you and your projects are in safe hands. In addition, you even benefit from cost savings in the course of a cost-conscious approach. In addition, thanks to the comprehensively implemented “local sourcing” principle, you and your company make a lasting commitment to corporate social responsibility.


Focused on all technical areas of your event, you will be accompanied on your way by a team of specialists who know only one goal: your success, on all project levels!

Remove the element of chance from the results of your marketing measures and get your very own team of specialists on board.

As a return on your investment, you get the perfect product and total planning security.