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At Scenotech, we believe that success stories only occur when everyone involved in a project is able to contribute their individual strengths to the full. This means it’s essential to have the right partners at your side from the start. By choosing us, you get your very own team of specialists on board, removing the element of chance from your marketing measures and project success – just like that.


Scenotech is an agile technical partner offering a comprehensive service for national and international companies in the live marketing and corporate events sector. Scenotech advises and guides you, the end customer, from staging through strategy and project development to the successful implementation and execution of technical installations around the world.


As a highly qualified Swiss engineering company, we have a clear focus on technical installations, while maintaining a broad view and being ready to integrate with all important interfaces. Lean corporate structures and intercultural expertise ensure quick decision-making and short communication paths, which in turn ensures solutions.


With us, you benefit from over 12 years of proven experience in international project business. We take a consistently personal, cross-national approach to handling your project, at the same time providing a high degree of specialisation. Thanks to risk management based on stability and highly professional processes, you and your projects are in completely safe hands. Furthermore, you benefit from savings thanks to cost-effective operations, and you and your company demonstrate your corporate social responsibility in the area of sustainability thanks to consistently implemented local sourcing.


With a focus on all the technical aspects of your event, you will be guided on your way by a team of specialists who have only one objective: your success, at all levels of the project!

Remove the element of chance from the results of your marketing measures and get your very own team of specialists on board.

As a return on your investment, you get the perfect product and total planning security.