Debriefing and COCOM, Toyko 2016 – scenotech

Debriefing and COCOM, Toyko 2016

Debriefing and Coordination Commission Meeting,
Toyko 2016

Die HerausforderungenThe challenges

The almost simultaneous implementation of two organizationally very extensive events. In addition, many individual stakeholders with different and specific event requirements were served. Especially in a high-price island like Japan, it was all the more important to implement the entire event on budget despite these circumstances. This was achieved with a very extensive and detailed market analysis and a subsequent, targeted selection of local project partners and suppliers. The very close and cohesive cooperation with all customer representatives was also a fundamental success factor.

Das EventThe Event

Debriefing within the framework of a prestigious major event, with the aim of passing on the knowledge and learnings to the next Organizing Committee. During 5 days, specific discussions, meetings and sessions were held in comprehensive workshops on all topics. After the debriefing, the Coordination Commission meeting for the next edition of the event was held.

Unsere LeistungOur contribution

Analyze: Strategic advice, concept development, feasibility studies, design, construction & media design, cost estimation. 


Optimize: Project management (commercial & technical), design & implementation planning (architectural specialist planning, energy supply planning, safety planning, official approvals, technical specialist planning, construction/audio/video/lighting/rigging/live stream, construction scheduling), preparation of bills of quantities, tender management, procurement/production, logistics.


Realize: Overall implementation, project management & control, technical management, live stream production, quality assurance, documentation.