Award ceremony, Lausanne 2019 – scenotech

Award ceremony, Lausanne 2019

Award ceremony for outstanding sporting achievements, Lausanne (CH), 2019

Die HerausforderungenThe challenges

The conception and realization of an enormously prestigious television show of this size, with almost 1000 VIP guests from politics, sports and broadcasting. At the same time, the client was celebrating the inauguration of its new headquarters and its 125th anniversary. The event thus had to fit seamlessly into all activities. This required absolutely accurate time and planning management from the production side.    

Das EventThe Event

A prestigious international competition to honor outstanding sporting achievements in a total of 10 categories.  

Unsere LeistungOur contribution

Analyse: Strategic consulting, concept development, feasibility studies, design & stage design, construction & media design, cost estimation, show flow.   


Optimize: Project management (commercial & technical), design & execution planning (architectural specialist planning, energy supply planning, safety planning, official approvals, technical specialist planning, construction/audio/video/lighting/rigging/broadcast, construction scheduling), preparation of bills of quantities, procurement/production, logistics.   


Realize: Overall implementation, project management & control, technical management, production of the world feed (broadcast), quality assurance, documentation.