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Sexy – Crazy – Artistic

Ohlala Sexy – Crazy – Artistic 2019

Die HerausforderungenThe challenges

Incorporating a show of such ambitious scope into a tent village, taking into account a number of special conditions such as statics, temporary power supply, subsurface provision, etc. The more complex elements of the show required the right technical equipment to ensure that they worked flexibly, smoothly and safely during the performances. On top of this, the lengthy running time posed a particular challenge in terms of subsequent operation and maintenance. A high degree of flexibility was required when the show moved from the tent village in Dübendorf to a prestigious theatre hall in Lausanne with a completely different setting.

Das EventThe Event

Captivating audiences with its spellbinding acrobatic flair, the circus show Ohlala Sexy – Crazy – Artistic by producer Gregory Knie has been running for over nine years. Performances take place in the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland six times a week over a period of seven weeks. Along with up to 60 performers and staff members, the location attracts an audience of 900 every evening.


41 shows
28 performers
30+ tonnes of material

Unsere LeistungOur contribution

Analysis: strategic advice, concept development, feasibility studies, construction design, cost estimate.


Optimisation: project management (commercial and technical), conceptual and implementation planning (architectural planning, energy supply planning, safety design planning, technical planning, construction/audio/video/lighting/rigging/live stream, construction schedule), drawing up service specifications, logistics, comprehensive purchasing management.


Realisation: technical management, quality assurance, documentation.