General Assembly, Lausanne 2021, fully virtual – scenotech

General Assembly, Lausanne 2021, fully virtual

General Assembly,
Lausanne 2021, fully virtual

Die HerausforderungenThe challenges

The Covid 19 pandemic, which was still ongoing at the beginning of 2021, had a significant impact on the planning and implementation of the event. Due to the uncertain situation, the final venue was not known until shortly before the event. This required a two-track planning approach. In the end, the event was moved from Athens to Lausanne to the client’s headquarters and was held purely virtually – instead of with a physical presence as originally planned.

Das EventThe Event

A meeting of the Executive Board held at least once a year, together with numerous other stakeholders. The event, which was held online due to the Covid 19 pandemic, lasted 3 days and involved more than 200 people in total, as well as numerous media representatives who were called in for a subsequent press conference. At the same time, the re-election of the president of the organisation in question was carried out by means of online voting.


Over 200 live interactions

4 parallel Zoom meetings

World Feed production and streaming via internet

Youtube stream production

Implementation of various votings

Translation of the streams into 6 languages

Unsere LeistungOur contribution

Analyse: Strategic advice, concept development, feasibility studies, design, construction & media design, cost estimation.


Optimise: Project management (commercial & technical), design & implementation planning (architectural specialist planning, energy supply planning, safety planning, official approvals, technical specialist planning, construction audio / video / lighting / rigging / broadcast, construction scheduling), preparation of bills of quantities, tender management, procurement / production, logistics.


Realise: Overall implementation, project management & control, technical management, production of the world feed (broadcast), quality assurance, documentation.