Corporate/hospitality event – what is that?

What are corporate and hospitality events?

Von Team scenotech am 06. April 2023 By Team scenotech on 06. April 2023

What are corporate and hospitality events?

Corporate and hospitality events have basically existed for thousands of years. Communities and companies strengthen their presence on the market, maintain contacts with valuable customers and link the brand with positive experiences. The classic christmas party might already be sufficient for this purpose, although this type of corporate event is more internally focused and dedicated to strengthening the working atmosphere. Alternatively, the company can invite partners and sponsors to celebrate an anniversary, for example, and thus express appreciation for those partnerships. We show you what corporate and hospitality events are all about and what you can look out for when staging them.

Corporate event – for employees, customers or business partners

As already indicated, the corporate event is aimed both internally and externally. Usually, a closed circle of people is addressed who are in close contact with the company or the association or cooperation. This includes, for example, employees, customers, sponsors or shareholders. The important thing about corporate events is that the costs are borne by the organizing company. This means that guests are simply invited to the event and can enjoy food, drinks, music, and much more.

Despite the closed circle of people, the number of invited guests at a corporate event can reach into the four-digit range, as we were able to experience ourselves at the 150th anniversary of Zurich Insurance. Of course, such a large corporate event requires extensive planning. Several rooms are set up and decorated in different themes. Lighting and sound equipment must be relocated so that everyone present is in a comfortable mood and possible live acts can be staged. Therefore, many corporate events require more than one agency to realize the desired event design. As event architects, we combine the necessary expertise with local trades to plan and execute corporate events for you.

Hospitality events – a subcategory of corporate events

With a hospitality event, the strengthening of one’s own brand and the working atmosphere is linked to a specific activity. A classic example of this is a joint visit to a VIP box for a sports or music event. Here, several business partners can exchange ideas and find numerous reasons for the start, continuation or expansion of the cooperation. At the same time, the sporting event provides entertainment in the background that creates a positive atmosphere.

Companies can also organize such a hospitality event themselves, for example by renting a hall with their own event. Scenotech appropriately staged an award ceremony in Lausanne in 2021, to which numerous members and sponsors were invited in addition to the subsequent award winners. In the course of the ceremony, the organizers were able to represent their own interests in the best possible spirit. At the same time, their own brand was strengthened by the successful staging of the hospitality event.

For the planning and technical implementation of such a hospitality event, a high degree of experience and technical expertise is required, as it is for a corporate event. Accordingly, we are happy to advise you if you would like to organize a corporate or hospitality event. From the first collection of ideas to the successful implementation of the concept, we are at your disposal and take over all important components from one source. Have a look at our website or contact us directly. We look forward to staging your corporate or hospitality event.

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