What is Swissness?

What is Swissness – and what does Scenotech have to do with it?

Von Team scenotech am 23. March 2023 By Team scenotech on 23. March 2023

What is Swissness – and what does Scenotech have to do with it?

With Swissness, a buzzword has become firmly established in Switzerland’s vocabulary in recent years and has even found its way into legislation. The term is used to deliberately associate certain cultural and qualitative attributes with Switzerland in order to promote domestic brands or the native country itself. Three points are at the forefront of Swissness: products from Switzerland can be sold better, tourism is boosted and, ideally, the Swiss people gain a more positive self-image. We will briefly present the attributes associated with Swissness and the extent to which they have also found their way into Scenotech and our event staging.

Swissness: an expression of modern strength

Swissness includes many positive terms that are associated with Switzerland and its inhabitants. Often, these attributes are based on traditions or exemplified values of well-known companies. This is why "precision" is an important part of Swissness, which is coined worldwide for example by well-known watch manufacturers such as Breitling, Rolex or Omega. In the same way, a high degree of reliability can be found in Swissness, which may make you think of banking institutions and insurance companies. But to what extent does an event architect like Scenotech tie in with this Swissness?

For Scenotech, common attributes of Swissness like fairness, reliability, precision, authenticity and purity are of great importance. For good reason you will always see the small Swiss cross next to our name at the top of your browser’s tab. In our eyes, a successful event staging in line with the wishes of our clientele can only succeed if these values are actively exemplified. Take, for example, the buzzword of reliability: from the initial event concept to tender management to the execution of the event, we set ourselves many deadlines, coordinate suppliers as well as catering, and ensure that all deadlines are met along the way to the event. This is the only way to ensure that the project is completed to the full satisfaction of you and your guests – even if there are last-minute changes to the plan.

Another important factor in a successful event staging is high precision. Large events such as the 150th anniversary of the Zurich Insurance require a sophisticated event design in which several hundred people or in this case even more feel comfortable and are entertained. For this purpose, the lighting and sound technology is aligned to the individual rooms and, at the same time, the execution of speeches and stage programs is implemented in large halls. As event architects, this involves a lot of work, as we have to precisely combine spatial and temporal specifications with the technology in order to create a holistic image.

Authenticity and fairness

Authenticity and fairness are also of great importance for Swissness. We see these both on the financial side and in our cooperation with regional partners – sometimes in direct interaction. Our disciplined purchasing management in the target market saves you money: project costs are reduced by up to 30 percent thanks to our focused planning and execution. This enables us to offer you fair prices at the highest quality. At the same time, local sourcing ensures that numerous materials as well as the food come from the region, which can contribute a great deal to the natural flair of an event.

As a modern event architect from Switzerland, Swissness is not the guiding factor for us, but we are nevertheless pleased that we combine many of the positive and traditional values in our company as well as in our daily work. If you would like to see this for yourself at your next corporate event, please feel free to contact us.

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