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Ski sport sponsoring: Tobias Baur becomes part of the team

Von Team scenotech am 23. January 2023 By Team scenotech on 23. January 2023

Ski sport sponsoring: Tobias Baur becomes part of the team

The team of Scenotech is very excited to get involved in sports with our sponsoring. Given our Swiss origins, it is obvious to focus on the snow-covered Alps and thus on skiing – for good reason we have staged the 53rd International FIS Congress in Milano in the past. It was on the Alps that we eventually became aware of the ski cross athlete Tobias Baur, who has been able to make waves several times in both the Swiss Championships and the World Cup.

The now 25-year-old grew up in Germany and was allowed to race his first Junior World Championships when he was suddenly dropped from all German squads – apparently, his performances were too weak. But giving up was never an option for Tobias. Instead, the youngster switched to the Swiss federation in 2020, for which he had a valid pass thanks to his grandmother, and was crowned Swiss champion in ski cross in his very first year. That same season, he finished in the top 10 several times in the World Cup and secured a place on the podium for the first time in December 2021.

Connecting business and sport through sponsoring

Sponsors for sports take special care that the athlete and the company’s products and services suit each other. In Tobias Baur’s case, we are sure that it fits! In ski cross, it is enormously important to prepare well for the various courses that are raced in the World Cup. When the race finally starts, the field of riders has to adapt to the complex conditions of the slope as well as the weather in the shortest possible time to outrun the competition.

The parallels to the event architecture are obvious: the planning and organisation of the various trades as well as the technical infrastructure is strongly reminiscent of the preparation for a World Cup race. Every little trick has to be done right, every little hill has to be considered. In addition, a high degree of flexibility is required to meet the individual requirements of the event and to be able to react to changes or cancellations at short notice. So speed of action is just as important as in ski cross when suddenly the ideal line is occupied or pressure comes down from the sides.

"Never stop believing in yourself", Tobias writes on his website. This is the mindset with which we approach our projects as well. From the digital general assembly in Lausanne to the big gala show with award ceremony, we stage high-quality events all over the world despite numerous adversities. Accordingly, it was obvious to take our sport sponsoring to the next level with Tobias Baur. While we strive for the perfect event design at the next event, Tobias is looking for the perfect line to break away from everyone in the World Cup. We wish him great success!

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