Event infastructure: the key areas of focus

Key fields for the provision of technical event infrastructure

Von Team scenotech am 14. October 2022 By Team scenotech on 14. October 2022

Key fields for the provision of technical event infrastructure

Technical event infrastructure consists of numerous components. Every time, many new elements need to be planned for and integrated into existing infrastructure for optimal implementation, while at the same time serving the needs of the stakeholders. For this extensive body of work, which involves conception, organisation and installation, an event architect’s support is very helpful. We show you the key areas of the technical infrastructure that are usually the focus of such efforts. On such a basis, Scenotech guarantees that your event will be realised according to your ideas – be it a trade fair presentation or a major awards ceremony.

Technical infrastructure for organisers and guests

The focus of any technical event infrastructure is primarily the energy supply. To secure it, numerous elements may be installed. These include connectors, wiring and many more, to be installed and used at the event location. It is useful to take care of a secure supply through numerous analyses and test runs in the run-up to the event – after all, nobody wants the lights to go out suddenly during the show, the cooling for the catering to fail or an interrupted transmission.

The second main area of focus with the technical event infrastructure is dedicated to lighting and sound technology. Scenotech guarantees you a highly professional lighting and sound installation, enabling the perfect staging of the event. In addition, you can have your event architect create special constructions that complete your event design or take it to the next level. As part of that purpose, we provide custom-made construction solutions for every event, which are perfectly adapted to the existing conditions. In this way, we ensure that we meet the needs of our clients as rooms and studios evolve and change. We do all of this so that you and your guests can look forward to a completely unique event.

Event infrastructure for the whole world

Depending on the scope of your event, broadcasting on television or via stream is just as important as a high-quality press area. As befitting the individual event’s needs, the timetable may already include mixed zones at the start, where press representatives can ask questions and take photos. If you think of the red carpet at film award ceremonies, for example, you will quickly realise that this is an important part of the evening for many people. Accordingly, the technical infrastructure in this area is a major need as well.

To ensure that reporters can do their work during the event, we also set up functional press stands from which they can observe the action. These feature connections for laptops, tablets and smartphones as standard.

In many cases, the event architect has to create options for live broadcasting, just as in the mixed zone. This includes TV compounds, which are set up on the grounds or in the immediate vicinity. Thanks to Scenotech’s technical event infrastructure, the TV signals will broadcast all over the world.

Technical infrastructure from Scenotech

Ensure the optimal staging of your event and let Scenotech handle the technical event infrastructure. We fulfil the technical requirements so that the event fully meets your expectations. We plan the detailed implementation of your ideas well in advance and check the practicality of all component parts concerning your event with our own feasibility studies. In this way, you receive the highest-quality event architecture along with the greatest possible security.

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