Minimize event costs - this is how!

Minimize event costs – use your budget better

Von Team scenotech am 22. September 2022 By Team scenotech on 22. September 2022

Minimize event costs – use your budget better

To minimize event costs, careful planning as well as grown structures are of great importance. While many people’s first thought is to reduce the quality of resources in terms of finances, we dedicate ourselves to the various processes that put pressure on the wallet around an event. This allows you to minimize your planning, marketing, and event costs while maintaining an all-around high quality. Ideally, the event costs will even drop below your previous calculations.

Reduce event costs – recalculate

If you want to minimize your event costs, it is important to take a look at your company and the planning that goes along with it first. How experienced are you when it comes to realising an event design? Around 30 percent of planning, marketing, and event costs can be saved if you can rely on proven processes. The time factor in particular is of great importance; after all, every second saved in the implementation of the event can be invested in other areas of your business. In addition, you can better calculate which service providers will be involved and which services are really important when it comes to project costs. In the end, an expensive service provider is of little use if you cannot properly assess his services.

If you have questions about the right service providers, Scenotech will give you the answers you need. For us, "local sourcing" is a big factor. That’s why we activate our network and find local partners for your project. With these providers you can minimize your event costs because the short journeys and communication channels have a positive effect on your balance sheets. Furthermore, we have a great deal of experience in price negotiations and can thus lower the prices charged or find affordable alternatives. This is often necessary, as the individual implementation of an event concept can rarely be captured in a fixed price catalogue.

Event architect as a cost-saving factor

Rely on an experienced event architect to minimize your event costs. The already mentioned points around proven processes and the selection of local service providers are part of the standard of event architecture. In addition, the event architect serves as your central point of contact, ensuring a high level of efficiency. Forget the times when you had to laboriously phone your service providers. Do you have a question about lighting and sound technology, stage design or purchasing management? Your personal contact person will give you the answers you need. Due to the centralised work, your invoicing is also clearer because the expenses for dozens of individual services are eliminated and replaced by one total invoice. This way, you always have an overview and can calculate your event costs more easily.

Of course, the choice of the event architect itself is also crucial to minimise your planning, marketing, and event costs. At Scenotech, we rely on lean corporate structures, quick decisions and short communication channels. This enables us to realize your event as you wish and to react flexibly to changes at short notice. Especially during the last few years, we were faced with numerous challenges because events were suddenly planned as hybrid events or even as digital events. Nevertheless, the events could be carried out as desired, as you can see from our references.

If you want to minimize your project costs, experience is the biggest plus. Benefit directly from an event architect: Use a partner with a large network who guarantees you short communication channels and a central contact point for questions and knows the international price structures. This way, you can implement your project both efficiently and to a high standard of quality.

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