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Plan and realize events successfully with an event architect

Von Team scenotech am 13. April 2023 By Team scenotech on 13. April 2023

Plan and realize events successfully with an event architect

The work of an event architect is of great importance for the successful event planning and realization. Scenotech combines the expertise of various disciplines and incorporates it right from the first consultation. From the initial conception to the reliable installation of lighting and sound technology to the successful staging of the event. There are two factors that must be taken into consideration for virtually any event in order for the project to be truly crowned with success. We as event architects present these factors to you in the following.

Too many stakeholders, too many ideas

As the saying goes: Many cooks spoil the broth. In the outline of an event, many ideas and opinions come together, which multiply ever closer to the event. An event architect is responsible for collecting all ideas and wishes, coordinating them and integrating them meaningfully into the event concept. While many agencies initially only ask the stakeholders about their interests and are surprised in the course of the planning by the wishes of the communications managers, security chiefs, caterers, and so on, with our event architecture we rely on an open exchange right from the start. In this way, the basic ideas of the company can be preserved and combined with the practical demands of the other participants.

Event architects for more expertise

No matter how great your experience as an event manager is, in the end you too will be subject to certain areas of expertise. For example, if you attended a hotel management school, your focus will almost certainly be primarily on hospitality and catering. If you have a background in marketing, event planning will consist primarily of measures to promote the brand communication. This is not a criticism, we just want to point out that we as individuals have our strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, although many cooks spoil the broth, it is still important to hire several cooks. So you can provide one expert for the appetizer, one for the main course, and one for desserts, to continue with this analogy. As an event architect, Scenotech provides a team of experts that brings together skills from many different disciplines. Branding, technique such as rigging or construction, procurement, project management, travel planning, presentations and more – all of these topics matter and offer great potential when handled professionally. When it comes to event planning and implementation, rely on an event architect who will be at your side from the very first outlines of the project and brings the necessary expertise to successfully stage the event according to your wishes.

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