Hybrid event – challenges and opportunities

Hybrid events – your opportunities and challenges

Von Team scenotech am 27. September 2022 By Team scenotech on 27. September 2022

Hybrid events – your opportunities and challenges

Hybrid events have increasingly established themselves in various industries in recent years. Thereby, hybrid events combine modern digital and traditional live events in order to enable participation in presence and online. Combining both elements enlarges the audience because hybrid events give people the opportunity to participate from different locations. Invite people to a large gala or a general assembly, for example: Thanks to a hybrid design, guests from other cities and countries can participate who might otherwise be prevented from attending. In addition, the technology used for hybrid events can be used to directly record the event. This allows the event to be streamed live and then promoted as VOD.

What to consider for the hybrid event

When you organize a hybrid event, there are a number of challenges ahead for you and your company. The focus is always on communication, which is of course different from classic face-to-face events. Two common questions that come up when you plan a hybrid event are: What technology is available to you and how familiar are you with this technology? When it comes to these particular questions, you can benefit from the support of experienced event architects like Scenotech. Thanks to years of planning and implementing various events, we know which technology needs to be used in which setting so that all ideas can be successfully implemented.

Before planning your hybrid event on a technical level, you should work with your event architect to determine the basic structure of your event. There are different ways to design a hybrid event. For example, a single speaker can take the lead on stage, or various guest speakers can be brought in. Perhaps a meeting requires each individual seat to be equipped with a microphone as well as headphones. The demands on the technical infrastructure increase with each of these points, from simple video transmission to the correct adjustment of the available microphones including the speakers.

Naturally, the technical implementation also includes the conditions that the location offers. For large-scale award ceremonies and gatherings, studios are necessary to ensure a smooth transmission for the connected participants as well as potential spectators. Can these studios be set up in parallel to your hybrid event in a separate room of the venue or do you need an OB van? Scenotech can use feasibility studies to show you exactly which options are available and which solution will ultimately be the most efficient.

Another challenge of the hybrid event is the appropriate event design. This should be ideally aligned with the format of your event in order to provide an optimal experience for all participants. For example, at award ceremonies it makes sense to include a large screen in the design of the event where those present can watch the achievements being honoured. Also, remember that there is always a camera focused on the speaker at hybrid events. Accordingly, you can align the stage design perfectly with the main camera.

Staging hybrid events effectively

To make your hybrid event a success, call on the support of an event architect like Scenotech. We combine analogue with digital events and were able to shine with our expertise especially during the last few years. Benefit from lower costs, a greater focus on sustainability, as well as higher participant and audience numbers that hybrid events allow you to achieve compared to traditional events. Present your event design globally and make use of Scenotech’s expertise.

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