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The consequences of unrealistic budget planning

Von Team scenotech am 05. May 2023 By Team scenotech on 05. May 2023

The consequences of unrealistic budget planning

With budget planning, this blog is dedicated to one of the most important topics of the entire event. In the end, even the most beautiful events are worthless – and even cause a considerable loss – if the planned costs deviate greatly from the actual costs. As a result, you have to justify yourself to your superiors and present a poorly conceived event. Scenotech ensures that the entire planning, including the budget planning, meets the expectations of the stakeholders and that the set framework is adhered to in the best possible way. We show you what you have to watch out for.

Implementation planning with realistic budgets

Discussions about budget planning are certainly among the most unpleasant topics on the schedule. Some Euros would like to be saved up here, on the other hand relatively much money has to be spent for a great stage show. Particularly in the hot phase the quarrels potentiate themselves, lead to disagreement and in the end to clearly exaggerated budgets. So what went wrong in the budget planning of your event?

First of all, it is important to emphasize that the budgets of the initial event conception can practically never be hit 100 percent. Accordingly, the focus is on keeping the deviations from the original plans as small as possible. If you now always accept the most favorable offers of an event agency, the probability is high that this offer turns out to be a big mismatch in the end. Many promises are made, only to be cancelled one after the other in the implementation planning.

Instead, a realistic approach is required. In event architecture, we exchange ideas with all parties involved. So, the stakeholders are heard just as much as the catering and technicians. In this way, overly large air castles can be contained on the basis of expertise and experience. In addition, potential costs can be more accurately estimated by the executing professionals. This is enormously important, since up to 40 percent of the budget is spent on technical services.

Short-term deviations in budget planning

As already mentioned, deviations in budget and implementation planning are basically unavoidable. At the same time, the holistic event management of event architecture can create a basis here that is prepared for numerous eventualities. A major advantage of Scenotech in this respect is local sourcing. We have built up a network in numerous countries and expand it regularly, so that we can draw important resources directly from the environment of the event. This includes various trades as well as food for the buffet.

This approach enables us to find comparatively favorable alternatives in the case of short-term cancellations. While other providers have to negotiate new contracts and may face high surcharges, our network helps us to reliably circumvent these hurdles so that fair prices are maintained at the end of the day.

Rely on Scenotech’s strategic project planning for the implementation of your next event. Through our smart and holistic approach, you will receive the highest quality services at comparatively favorable conditions.

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