Reduce event costs – plan correctly

Reduce event costs at the following event

Von Team scenotech am 11. April 2023 By Team scenotech on 11. April 2023

Reduce event costs at the following event

If you’re looking to reduce your event costs, you may be interested in the following question: "How does an agency burn my bucks?" After all, in order to implement a successful event, there are numerous factors that need to be considered, some of which can have a major impact on your wallet. As event architects, we know exactly what matters when it comes to planning and implementing various projects, and can therefore effectively reduce your event cost – which means that our services themselves can also be offered at comparatively low prices. So how does a traditional event agency burn your bucks? Just take a look at the following points.

Missing creativity

Much of what agencies do is off-the-shelf. They fall back on concepts that have been used in the past. Many agencies simply replace the branding and voilà – your individual design or concept is ready. This may sound like it reduces your event costs, but many agencies don’t take a serious look at your project. As a result, prefabricated concepts are used that simply do not fit the new customer and his event idea. Before it is too late, the concept is then revised at short notice or expensively outsourced – and the costs increase for the customer.

Most of the time, the necessary resources and in-depth knowledge are lacking – especially in the innovative and technical area, these are rarely available. Technology is a rapidly growing area with many great opportunities and possibilities. Only those who keep up with modern technology and implement it sensibly will be able to offer a perfect event. Agencies would have to commit internal resources to make progress in this area. Instead, they outsource these services. When you calculate the event costs after your event, you then suddenly realize that these agencies only rely on overpriced, standardized concepts, which burn your budget and therefore your money. You can avoid this by relying on Scenotech’s event architecture, which meets the highest technological standards.

Inexistent brand affinity

It is a tightrope walk to deal with messages and effects of the most diverse, foreign brands on a daily basis – this applies to us as event architects as well as to agencies. As a result, agencies often fall back on "out of the box" solutions that ultimately reflect neither innovation nor creativity. And often you then miss the core of your company, because like all brands, the branding of your company is unique, individual, and special. Dealing with brands in detail requires less organizational talent than a special affinity for marketing and communication, coupled with creative ideas and a deep understanding of tradition, innovation, entrepreneurship and psychology. If your agency is relying solely on "out of the box" coordination solutions, you’re burning your money. If you want to reduce event costs, you better pay attention.

No corporate understanding

Knowing, understanding, and respecting internal processes is a very important aspect. Only if the agency understands the processes and aligns the project plans based on your processes, a smooth implementation will work, so that you reduce your event costs next time around. Corporations have different, usually lengthy approval processes, many stakeholders, a wide variety of expectations and commitments. All of this affects the timeline for event conception, planning and implementation. What kind of experience in these areas does your agency have? Do they focus one hundred percent on you and align all processes accordingly? Or do they burn your time and therefore your money?

Unrealistic concepts

A concept is more than an idea, a beautiful castle in the air that sells well. It should also be able to be implemented in reality. Agencies like to save themselves the trouble and expense of getting the corresponding input already in the important phase of creation. After all, it takes more than just talking to a technician. Well-founded expert opinions from proven specialists are needed. Only then can an innovative and individual event be implemented with a common thread. And this is of enormous importance, especially for supposedly "small" events such as leadership meetings, streamings or digital events. Technology has a dominant role in all plans. Only an event architect has this expertise in-house.

Absurd and non-transparent billing models

Agencies have fascinating models to calculate the corresponding event costs. You often never get to see these, because it is a fact that many agencies do not want transparency. At the end of the day, these service providers rely on sophisticated billing models because they only take on coordinative tasks and outsource all necessary core competencies. However, this catalytic function makes your projects more expensive: Agency fees are very high (this is where one part of the value creation lies) and subcontractors often do mixed deals with other end-customer projects. The reality is that only rarely comprehensible market prices are paid and instead arbitrary prices are charged.

"Milk the cow while she gives milk!"

Imagine you are planning an event in South Korea, the costs of which event you want to reduce. Then you often have bad cards, because you know just as well as the local agency that after this event you will probably be on the road again or the event is even a one-time thing. The consequence? The agencies will certainly demand higher prices, since they only get this single assignment from you. If, on the other hand, you were on site more often, you would be able to efficiently sound out the market and the agencies would accommodate you in terms of price in order to build up a long-term partnership. In addition, a new market situation would arise, as competitors could also put together long-term deals that would undercut individual offers. Since all these points are omitted, it either becomes far too expensive or you accept large restrictions and compromises for the final event in order to reduce your expenses.

More efficient, on the other hand, is an event architect who is internationally connected and thus has solid relationships within the local market. Years of collaboration have allowed us to gain in-depth knowledge of traditions, various conditions, pricing, legalities and much more. As a result, Scenotech can offer you a fair price, regardless of location, so that you can reduce your costs at the next event.

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