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History Scenotech GmbH

Founded in 2015, Scenotech GmbH sees itself as a full-lifecycle event management partner for national and international associations, organizations and companies in the field of sports and corporate events.

Scenotech combines passion and expertise with the values of sport and therefore advises or supports a wide range of clients from the industry – from strategic project development, scenographic and technical planning and production to the successful realisation and implementation of major events worldwide.  

Lean corporate structures and intercultural competence ensure fast decision-making and short communication channels and so quick solution finding..

As a top Swiss engineering company, the focus is on the integration of technical installations in combination with unique and individually tailored room designs – with a simultaneous all-round view and readiness for integration of all important interfaces.. The Scenotech team draws on proven project experience from over 12 years of international events in over 24 different countries – in total, the company has experience on three continents.

Jürg Isler

Founder & Managing Director



As a Swiss company, we are committed to Swiss quality and excellence. Our team is dedicated to understanding your needs and goals, delivering exceptional service and results that exceed expectations. We have a fair and transparent approach and are willing to challenge the status-quo for the benefit of your business. By working with us, you will gain access to a valuable asset and a powerful force for driving your business to the next level of success. Your needs and goals are always at the forefront, ensuring that they are met and achieved.


15 Years of Exceprience

560 Projcets

24 Countries

Philipp Knoll

Production Director



As your contact at Scenotech, I am dedicated to bringing your event vision to life with precision and excellence. I am an absolute audiophile, audio and technology enthusiast, constantly seeking new solutions that can give your project a competitive edge and make your vision a (virtual) reality.


With a wealth of experience in touring with musicians, realizing festivals, building exhibition halls and managing corporate events for international companies, I am passionate about creating the perfect event for you. I am excited to bring my expertise and enthusiasm to your project and help you realize your dream event.


18 Years of Exceprience

700 Projcets

12 Countries

Franzisca Maag

Business Development Director



Are you looking for a partner to bring your vision to life? I am your contact at Scenotech and I am here to turn your ideas into reality. I am passionate about building real, honest partnerships and helping you exceed your goals with exceptional service and attention to detail.


With a background in coffee, sports and hospitality industries, I am an event and sponsorship enthusiast with a love for brands and activating them in unique and impactful ways. I am excited to exchange ideas with you and work together to create something truly special.


15 Years of Exceprience

350 Projcets

10 Countries

Linda Slavicek

Management Assistance



At Scenotech I am your contact for Email and phone correspondence. I support the Management and the Team and handle multiple levels of administrative duties.


With a background in tourism and finance I love to organize events and meetings. Contact me if you have general questions or need an appointment.


16 Years of Experience