Event planning and execution: 33 good reasons



  • You save up to 30 % on your previous project costs because you have a dedicated partner for event planning and execution at your side specialising exclusively in technical services and solutions.
  • You inspire your customers and stick in the memory long-term as a result of constantly fresh, individual, unusual and innovative event concepts that are developed together with you, leaving behind a powerful impression in terms of both technical and design execution.
  • You gain even more highly qualified project partners in the countries where your events take place, as professional tender and contracting software is used for the procurement of all resources.
  • You benefit from experience gained from more than 12 years in international project business in over 20 countries.
  • You can count on comprehensive support thanks to our 24-hour availability, including during your event.


  • You save hard cash through experienced and disciplined purchasing management in the target market.
  • For a successful event – from planning to execution – you will enjoy personalised support as, thanks to its lean corporate structures, Scenotech is able to engage much more intensively with you and your individual requirements.
  • After the event planning has been completed, you remain flexible in the execution of your event, since equipment availability is guaranteed in the event of last-minute changes and tweaks thanks to local sourcing.
  • You protect yourself legally, as professionally drawn-up contracts customised to the specific situation are concluded with every subcontractor.
  • Thoroughly proficient, experienced specialists are at your side for all technical aspects of your event, to implement the event concept.


  • You make a long-term investment in a cleaner world, as the event concept includes the procurement all resources in the target market reduces to a minimum all logistics costs such as sea and air freight.
  • You save an enormous amount of time, which you can therefore invest in your core competencies, as the questions of individual service providers are all managed for you centrally.
  • The targeted pooling of resources saves you a lot of money, since all technical activities surrounding your event are planned and implemented through a single source.
  • You get practice-oriented design freedom and are at the heart of overall event planning, as you have access to unique VR planning tools, which actively involve you in the entire design process for your event and give you a realistic visualisation.
  • You are assured absolute transparency by means of standardised checklists and regulated consultations with all participants and interfaces.


  • You benefit from a highly qualified contact partner, as all employees receive regular internal training, as well as undertaking further development in their specialist technical areas, thereby constantly expanding and strengthening their core competencies.
  • You are spared expensive logistics processes with the potential for errors and failures, as these are managed centrally by Scenotech.
  • You provide the ideal conditions for your stage performance, as unique, functional stage designs and constructions are planned in which all the important components – e.g. structure and size, lighting and sound technology as well as video technology – are brought together harmoniously in order to deliver the optimum conditions for your musicians, speakers, panellists and guests to give the best possible performance.
  • You get functional, problem-free audio technology because our experience from a wide range of live events, conferences, music shows and sporting events goes into planning the most suitable audio components for your event, perfectly tailored to your project and goals.
  • You are provided with effective presentation formats, since you are equipped with appropriate solutions to ensure that your key information lands with visitors and participants and is remembered by them.


  • You benefit from stability thanks to very fast communication, as Scenotech uses highly professional tools that measure up to international standards (Teams, MS Office) for the event and its planning.
  • Your personal contact partner is constantly at your side, familiar with you and your company and ready to help at any time.
  • Your events stay innovative in the long term and you inspire and surprise your visitors again and again, since our dedicated specialists always keep their eye on the constantly changing market and, together with you, analyse the latest trends and implement them in the event concept.
  • You keep an overview during your event because you are provided with thoroughly prepared event schedules and supported throughout.
  • You benefit from a flexible, proactive environment, because in addition to dealing with all the technical components of your project, we also understand the interconnections with other areas such as transport and hospitality, catering, ticketing and artists, and ensure that these areas also benefit from maximum support.


  • You get a flexible, needs-based project plan, as your individual wishes and goals are incorporated seamlessly into the event during the planning phase.
  • You ensure the safety of your visitors and participants with no stress, because robust emergency plans are a fundamental component of our event planning.
  • You enjoy financial stability throughout the implementation of your project, as your budgets are worked out using realistic target market prices in the initiation phase.
  • You save considerable time on project coordination, as you have just one central contact partner.
  • You protect your investment, especially for special or ambitious projects, because alongside expertise in events technical infrastructure, Scenotech also brings to your projects many years of qualified experience from the classic building construction sector, giving us the know-how to implement complex, long-term temporary and special building projects.


  • You’ll be able to rest easy in future, too, knowing you have a reliable partner at your side who is always focussed on securing the best deal for you.
  • You save valuable time due to long-term consistency, as Scenotech places great value on long-standing customer and supplier relationships.
  • For your event, you get maximum planning and results security in the execution.