You get full service for your exclusive event and at the same time a highly focussed, budget-conscious and perfectly structured business partner.

Wow your participants and visitors, and position your brand even more successfully. Customised and personalised services ensure that the budget has not been exceeded by the end of your event.

Have you already reached your full project potential?

Events are very results-oriented and very multi-faceted thanks to the integration of the most varied success factors. Corporate events which communicate your message to your target group in a compelling way which leaves a lasting impression require a robust skill set. Trade fairs and public events should also help to make your company visible and create added value for you and your visitors. Get your very own customised set of tools which will make your brand even more successful in future.

These are our customers’ most frequent questions and challenges:

  • How do I find suitable local suppliers and trustworthy project partners, especially where international projects and markets unfamiliar to me are concerned?
  • Why are our project costs so high, how can I optimise them in an even more targeted manner and get the most out of my budgets?
  • How can I implicitly trust my suppliers, so that they completely understand and implement my needs at all times?
  • How do I minimise the risks, and protect myself against risks associated with adhering to local regulations and laws as well as occupational health and safety requirements?
  • How can I manage the financial expenditure associated with international projects, especially in terms of currency fluctuations?
  • How can I manage and control the many work packages and contracts for work and services (commissions) for complex projects in a way which allows me to achieve the project goal in relaxed fashion?
  • How can I simplify my many suppliers’ contract and billing management?
  • How can I manage quality assurance at all of my suppliers’ project levels?

Remove coincidence from the equation where the result of your marketing measures is concerned and benefit from our proven experience of more than 12 years in the international project business.

Five things which you will benefit from immediately:


Your personal project, especially also one spanning several countries, is in the safe hands of our specialists

  • Interaction of ALL interfaces involved
  • Intercultural expertise
  • Handling the entire value chain
  • Meeting highly complex requirements
  • Extensive planning of detailed execution


More money for you

  • Cost-conscious calculation through local sourcing and fierce negotiations
  • Save up to 30% on costs with proven processes
  • Only one central contact person.
  • Only one payment method instead of complicated individual payments for dozens of service providers.
  • Streamlined corporate structures, fast decision-making process and direct lines of communication.


Greater certainty for you thanks to risk management through stability and order

  • Care-free planning and execution with meticulous time management.
  • Ease; you get a suitable solution for every challenge.
  • Proactive leadership through detailed project planning
  • Absolute planning security and execution by professionals
  • Coordination of all service providers
  • Guaranteed security thanks to 24-hour full service
  • Regulated feedback for complete transparency
  • Risk management for greater certainty


Your project will be successful thanks to our speed and international experience

  • Fast budgeting and implementation geared to market requirements thanks to local sourcing and intercultural expertise.
  • Ambitious suppliers who are up to the challenge.
  • Well-founded empirical values and world-class insider knowledge for more than 10 years
  • Local sourcing to ensure the ability to respond and adapt in the quickest way, even during on-site implementation


You and your company are committed to corporate social responsibility

  • Local sourcing reduces your projects’ greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70%
  • Specialist planning tools minimise site visits and planning trips considerably.
  • Local sourcing significantly reduces logistics costs (airfreight and sea freight).
  • Local sourcing considerably reduces trips and activities of internal project stakeholders (flights, shuttle and hotel)

Why is Scenotech the right partner for me?