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‘It is our passion to inspire people with great ideas and bring them together all over the world with unique visions. We love getting to know different cultures and mastering intercultural challenges time and time again.’

‘We are dedicated to creating perfect, symbiotic relationships between technology and space design, enabling us to transform entire spaces into unique, experiential instruments of communication. Within the context of our work as event architects, we have an unwavering commitment to actively shaping the future, economically and socially, through meaningful, targeted action.’

Juerg Isler

Owner & Managing Director

Are you getting the maximum potential from your project?

Events are highly results-oriented as well as multifaceted, due to the integration of a wide range of success factors. Corporate events that communicate your message to your target audience in a compelling way and leave a lasting impression call for a robust skill set. Trade fairs and public events, as well as digital events and hybrid events, should also help to make your company more visible and create added value for you and your visitors. Get your own customised set of tools from your event architect that exceeds the offerings of classic event agencies. This will make your brand even more successful in future.

These are the most frequently asked questions and challenges among our customers:

How do I find suitable local suppliers and trustworthy project partners, especially when dealing with international projects and markets I am unfamiliar with?

Why are our project costs so high, and how can I optimise them to be more targeted and get the most out of my budgets?

How can I put myself in a position to trust my suppliers implicitly, so they understand and implement my requirements fully at all times

How do I minimise the risks, and ensure that I am protected when it comes to compliance with local regulations and legislations, including with regard to workplace safety?

How do I manage the financial outlays of international projects, especially in relation to currency fluctuations?

How do I manage and monitor the many work packages and service contracts (commissions) required for complex projects, so that I can achieve my project goals comfortably?

How can I simplify contract and billing management in relation to my suppliers?

How do I manage quality assurance at all project levels of event staging?









international employees

Five points to bring you immediate benefits with an event architect:


Maximum individuality

in multiple countries and safe in the hands of specialists

  • Interaction between ALL parties involved
  • Intercultural expertise
  • Handling the entire value chain
  • Highly complex requirements fulfilled in event design and beyond
  • Comprehensive planning and event conception for detailed execution

More budget flexibility

through efficiency and proven processes

  • Cost-effective calculation as a result of local sourcing and tough negotiating
  • Up to 30 % savings thanks to proven processes
  • Just one central contact partner
  • Just one billing point instead of complicated individual services from dozens of providers
  • Lean corporate structure, quick decisions and short communication paths

Maximum security

thanks to risk management based on stability and order

  • Carefree planning and execution through meticulous time management
  • The right solution for every challenge thanks to structural event architecture
  • Proactive leadership thanks to detailed project planning
  • Absolute security in planning and execution led by professionals
  • Coordination of all service providers
  • Guaranteed security with comprehensive 24-hour service
  • Regulated consultations for complete transparency
  • Risk management for greater security

Guaranteed project success

thanks to speed and international experience

  • Speedy budgeting and implementation in line with market conditions as a result of local sourcing and intercultural expertise
  • Impressive suppliers who rise to any challenge
  • Solid experience and insider knowledge thanks to ten years in the industry
  • Local sourcing for quick reactions and adaptability, including during on-site implementation

Corporate social responsibility

through local sourcing and specialised planning tools

  • Local sourcing reduces your projects’ greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70 %
  • Specialised planning tools minimise site visits and planning trips
  • Local sourcing significantly reduces logistics costs (air and sea freight)
  • Local sourcing substantially reduces travel and activities by internal project participants (flights, shuttles, hotels)

Services in event architecture:

With a strong focus on all the technical aspects of your event, you will be guided on your way by a team of highly specialised experts who have only one goal: your success, at all levels of the project!

Regardless of where you are currently up to in your project, our service portfolio can help you achieve your goals.

Ihr Ansprechpartner Your contact partner

Ihr Ansprechpartner Your contact partner

Jürg Isler
Owner & Managing Director